Our Competitive Advantages

GDS has specialized in value chain analysis for a decade.  We have a developed methodology backed by proprietary software and a comprehensive database.  When comparing GDS output with that of others, several advantages of the GDS IVCA stand out:
  • We prioritize distortions (private and public sector) so that, when developing an assistance program, our client can focus on the issues that matter most.  Other companies may give a laundry list of issues but fail to measure the impact each distortion has on competitiveness at the product and company levels.  GDS identifies all policy and market based distortions but quantitatively prioritizes the importance of these issues.  We highlight the biggest cost drivers and color-code them for easy recognition.  When a client receives a GDS report, it is obvious what specific steps need to be addressed.
  • Digging deep into the value chain, we uncover detailed information in order to target areas of critical need leading to improved productivity and elimination of institutional and legal barriers to competitiveness.  
  • We focus on strengthening sector competitiveness.  Having worked throughout the world over the past decade, we have amassed enormous amounts of data from various countries and can assemble pertinent benchmarking tables against which sector performance is compared.  
  • Given our uniform methodology that we consistently apply in our analyses, our reports and advice are timely and coherent.  The benefit to the client is that data is easily compared across countries and subsequent analyses are easily compared with baseline data.
  • The GDS IVCA deals strictly with primary field data that we collect directly from farmers, factory owners and workers  on the shop floor and other pertinent sources of primary data.  We are specific in our analysis but draw out cross-cutting issues that apply across sectors and address the general economic climate.