Supply Chain Management

GDS’s supply chain management (SCM) services identify and quantify inefficiencies in supply logistics and management. Based on detailed analysis, GDS formulates recommended interventions to enhance competitiveness through cost and time reduction along both the up- and down-stream supply chain, without compromising quality or quantity. Identifying inefficiencies along the supply chain and implementing targeted policy and technical interventions are essential elements of improving the competitiveness and income earning potential of businesses. Using our accumulated experience, GDS provides SCM services by measuring, benchmarking and indexing key trade logistics indicators that impact the competitiveness of operating businesses to:
  • Identify and assess key policy- and market-based constraints along the supply chain
  • Quantify the financial implications of assessed constraints
  • Develop action-ready recommendations with particular emphasis on policy-based changes that can improve efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain.

Long-term experience in conducting supply chain analysis allows GDS to understand and quantify government policies and regulations, as well as market distortions that affect supply chain competitiveness. While conducting SCM studies, GDS analyzes domestic and international standards, inspections and certifications of inputs and finished products, duties and fees, customs clearance, administrative and documentation requirements, and a wide range of public and private services such as ports, warehousing, cold chains, transport and logistics.