Social and Impact Investing

Social investment by multinationals for the benefit of impacted communities often entails a shotgun approach. The wide net cast provides diverse assistance, such as purchasing equipment for local hospitals, renovating schools and providing small infrastructure improvements.

GDS, however, takes a strategic approach in developing targeted social programs that will provide indefinitely sustainable income for community residents. GDS assesses market demand and designs programs that leverage local capabilities by creating linkages, building local capacity, certifying suppliers and ensuring infrastructure for future growth.

Through an impact investing approach, GDS works with investors to evaluate these social projects through various metrics and analyses. Through this process, GDS:
  • Establishes baseline data and applies appropriate investment analysis tools
  • Assesses potential costs associated with the proposed program according to relevant activity and cost categories
  • Evaluates the return on investment (ROI) of the proposed social investments against the social and economic impact of the program
  • Designs and performs the monitoring and evaluation of the investment project