Local Content Development

GDS takes a strategic approach in developing local content programs to help clients shift from meeting short-term cost and operational requirements to a longer-term focus on building up local skills and industry and establishing supply chains.

Each local content support is tailored to the local market and developed closely in conjunction with the client’s immediate and longer term needs, particularly given the project life cycle. Local content plans developed in the early stages of a project allow implementation of skills development prior to the start of exploration or construction, so local capabilities can be better timed with phased procurement needs and extend beyond the life of the project. Appraisal of baseline local capabilities can help set realistic expectations for local content targets.

GDS local content development activities include:
  • Identification and evaluation of technical and administrative capabilities of potential suppliers of local goods, works and services
  • Formation of priority training clusters to accelerate timeline for closing supplier skill gaps
  • Drafting of comprehensive and targeted local content plans
  • Identification of suitable local partners for capacity development, including training organizations and government services and programs
  • Design of feasible support programs to improve regional livelihoods, particularly in areas lacking technical manufacturing bases to supply the client
  • Estimation of direct and indirect multiplier effect of employment and local economic impact
  • Linkages between the public and private sectors, including public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Performance metrics for monitoring and evaluation that integrate with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting
  • Integration of local nationals into the project team to maximize immediate local content and develop local capabilities
Clients can include oil, gas, water and mining (OGWM) multinationals; global engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contractors; local governments; and donor organizations seeking to foster growth of local content capabilities and maximize socio-economic impact.