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Integrated Value Chain Analysis for Strategic Sectors in Tanzania: Cotton-to-Garment, Maize, and Tourism

Global Development Solutions concurrently analyzed the value chains of these strategically important sectors with the objective to design potential public-private partnerships (PPPs) to strengthen each sector.  In the case of maize, for example, given the global food crisis, the sector was analyzed in relation to Tanzanian food security.  The value chain analysis showed that smallholder farmers are producing significantly below potential yield as compared to other sub-Saharan farmers and also as compared with medium and large scale farmers in Tanzania.  Although the trend is to increase area under harvest, several VCA-based scenarios proved that by using improved seeds developed for local conditions in conjunction with proper use of fertilizers (i.e. increasing yield rather than increasing planting area), farmers’ profitability can increase by approximately 160%.  Based on this knowledge, public-private partnerships targeting seed production, inputs distribution and the nation’s strategic grain storage were recommended to increase yields and to improve the food distribution network to alleviate localized maize deficits.  
Strengthening seed development, multiplication and distribution bolsters the availability of seeds specifically tailored for local conditions, i.e. seeds matching soil conditions and climatic patterns.  Global Development Solutions designed a public-private partnership for the seed industry that shares costs and responsibility between players and leverages the specific capabilities of each.  The results are greater availability to the farmer of affordable seeds developed specifically for local conditions.