Integrated Value Chain Analysis

At the core of our product offering is our proprietary Integrated Value Chain Analysis (IVCA).  The IVCA is a foremost competitiveness diagnostic tool that captures input, production, administration, distribution, and marketing costs in a multi-part, data-intensive, dynamic software model.  Within this flexible framework, GDS helps clients identify time and cost savings as well as policy interventions that will enable the private sector to bring products to market on schedule and at optimal price points.  The IVCA:
  • Pinpoints, qualifies, and quantifies barriers to competitiveness thus allowing clients to focus on specific actions to improve competitiveness
  • Reveals detailed information on multiple levels of value addition leading to targeted areas of improvement to productivity and to identify both institutional and legal barriers to competitiveness
  • Benchmarks against regional and global competitors.

Development organizations and governments commonly call us at the project design stage in order to benefit from identification of prioritized issues that GDS provides: critical information in formulating strategies and designing interventions for large scale development programs.  GDS also provides the key role of monitoring and evaluation when called in again to oversee implementation and to reevaluate the value chain to determine program impact over time.  The IVCA is implemented once again at the end of a development program to determine the program’s effectiveness over the life of the project.   

Our clients use the IVCA to assess competitiveness and formulate market and product strategies in a range of sectors including agriculture, food processing, light and heavy manufacturing and even service industries such as tourism.  GDS has implemented the IVCA methodology more than 300 times covering nearly 100 specific product groups performed in more than 40 different countries.  With this breadth and depth of experience, we have built a robust database against which critical factors affecting a sector’s competitiveness can be benchmarked.  For a matrix of value chain analyses executed by GDS according to country, please click here.

GDS IVCA Impact Chart:

Our integrated value chain analysis provides benefit to an array of clients.  The graphic below illustrates how the IVCA impacts the sector which leads to advantages across the board.  The IVCA provides benefits at all levels whether you are:
  • A development organization;
  • A private sector corporation seeking outsourcing partners;
  • An association looking to benchmark results or seeking off-season production; or
  • Assessing options for direct foreign investment. 

For a matrix of value chain analyses executed by GDS according to country, please click here.