Green Growth Initiatives

GDS recognizes the importance of ensuring that the growth promoted by our work with communities, companies, institutions and NGOs, governments, and multinationals is environmentally sustainable, green growth. This means recommending policies and processes that facilitate environmentally sustainable development and promote adaptation and resilience to a changing climate through:
  • More sustainable and efficient use of natural resources
  • Minimizing environmental impacts such as pollution
  • Minimizing the vulnerability of human and natural systems to extreme climate events due to climate change
  • Building capacity of stakeholders to adjust and respond to the effects of climate change
  • Contributing to economic development that minimizes or mitigates carbon emissions

At the core of GDS’s environmental work is the greenhouse gas (GHG) component of our Integrated Value Chain Analysis. With this tool, GDS not only analyzes a product’s value chain in terms of a detailed cost breakdown, but can quantify the greenhouse gas emissions of each area of activity across the value chain. This way, GDS can formulate and recommend interventions that will optimize the balance between productivity and GHG emissions. Sample analysis output can be seen here.

GDS has worked with public and private sector clients in fields ranging from agriculture to manufacturing to develop sustianable green strategies and policies, and make products and processes greener. Our work in green growth initiatives constantly evolves to keep up with emerging best practices. In addition to our GHG-VCA, GDS focuses on:
  • Facilitating access to green product markets
  • Promoting energy efficiency through production process upgrades
  • Promoting water-smart agriculture
  • Accounting for factors such as environmental impact, natural resource management, climate change resilience, sanitation, and waste reduction in our analysis and recommendations