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Gabon Tourism

To help the Gabonese government identify key priorities for intervention, investment or other means to move toward international competitiveness, an integrated value chain analysis (IVCA) was conducted across three strategic sectors: agriculture, wood processing and tourism.  For tourism, the IVCA assessed the barriers for competitiveness and explored opportunities for Gabon to develop a tourism industry generating foreign and local revenue and diversifying its economy.  Although Gabon has many natural resources that distinguish it within the tourism market - particularly in ecotourism - the potential had yet to be exploited, and international visitors largely were limited to business travelers, who are expected to continue to visit given the economic offerings of Gabon.

With these objectives and circumstances in mind, the tourism value chain analysis focused on
the following:
  • Examine key issues and trends in the world tourism markets, specifically those related to
    ecotourism and business travel;
  • Review the structures of the Gabonese tourism market;
  • Assess the key features, strengths and weaknesses of the existing supply chain for
    tourism offerings in Gabon;
  • Analyze the value chains of proxy tourism products (in this case, business/conference stay and short-trip excursion) and provide international benchmark comparisons to identify key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and priorities for intervention, investment or other means to move toward international competitiveness; and
  • Provide possible policy options and recommendations to help stimulate growth and improve competitiveness in the sector.

The full study is available by clicking here.