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Competitive Africa: The Value Chain and Feasibility Analysis Module

The project produced a competitive analysis between China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia using the integrated value chain analysis as the analytic tool. Global Development Solutions performed detailed value chain analysis on ten products from within five sectors across the five countries to identify key competitiveness issues both within the value chain and in the enabling environment. For products not currently produced in any of the three African countries, GDS conducted feasibility analysis simulating the possible cost and competitiveness of such products. The outcome of the study provides a range of possible policy measures as well as specific technical intervention measures required to help accelerate the development of the agriculture and light manufacturing sectors in African countries. The ultimate aim is to help SSA diversify from its over-dependence on unprocessed primary commodities and minerals towards a competitive light manufacturing sector which transforms its current resource-base into higher value added products that are consumed and eventually exported. Results of the project were incorporated into a 2012 World Bank publication entitled "Light Manufacturing in Africa - Targeted Policies to Enhance Private Investment and Create Jobs".  The full study (Volume II: The Value Chain and Feasibility Analysis; Domestic Resource Cost Analysis) is available by clicking here.